By default, a flow containing RuleSets contains a collection of variables resulting from each RuleSet evaluation. For example, the RuleSet below will produce the flow variable when a contact responds and passes through it to the next step.

Each variable starts with the '@' symbol, which triggers an auto-complete drop-down menu containing a complete list of available variables:

After selecting a variable type, pressing "enter" will show a list of variables available within each variable type. In the example below, typing @flow and pressing "enter" shows us a list of flow values collected within the current flow from each RuleSet:

Pressing "enter" again will allow you to specify the Community Connect-specific metadata associated with each value. In the example below:

  • category returns the category in which a contact's response was placed
  • text returns the full text of a contact's response
  • time returns the time at which the contact's response was received by your channel

Each variable is replaced with the value if represents when a contact is active in a flow. If you insert an invalid variable, the message will instead contain the variable name.

Next Steps

Check out our Flow Variable Reference for a full list of variables.