Viewing Results

When your contacts interact with a flow, their responses are stored as flow results which you can access by selecting "Results" from the gear icon drop-down menu in the flow editor. 

The results page will provide a "Download" button in addition to listing each contact that has interacted with the flow. Passage through a flow from entrance to exit - and all activity that takes place in between - constitutes a run. Contacts exit a flow when:

  • they complete the flow, 
  • start another flow via the Start another flow action, or
  • expire from the flow after the period of inactivity you designate.

Viewing Runs

Runs comprise the rows that make up your results export spreadsheet. Columns will contain each contact's:

  • UUID
  • phone number or other address used
  • name
  • group(s)
  • the time at which their run began 
  • the time at which their run ended
  • and their responses to each of your questions

Deleting Runs

You can search for and delete runs via the flow results page, simply hover over the run and click the 'X' icon that appears.

Exporting the Results of Multiple Flows

To export the results of multiple flows, navigate to the "flows" tab and select the boxes of the flows you'd like to export, then click the export icon that appears above your flows when one or more is selected. 

Downloading Your Results

After clicking the "Download Results" button, the 'Export Flow Results' dialogue will appear:

Here, you can choose to:

  • include up to 10 contact fields whose values will also be exported with each run. 
  • only export results for contacts who responded.
  • export all messages sent and received in the flow(s). 
  • include all runs for each contact. 

After clicking 'OK', a prompt will appear indicating that a link to the page where you can download your results has been sent to the email address attached to your account.

Depending on the settings you select in the 'Export Flow Results' dialogue, the exported XLS file will contain 3 tabs:

  • Runs: A contact can pass through a flow more than once, so the runs tabdisplays all the times they have gone through.

  • Contacts: The contacts tabshows the values in the last run (and the last value for each flowstep, which may have been visited more than once if the contact was was ever redirected to it).

  • Messages: The messages tab displays every message sent from the flow to your contacts and vice versa. It provides the message direction (IN/OUT), text, date and contact information. 

Here's an example of how the runs tab of an export spreadsheet might look:

Here are the response rules assigned to the split step that categorizes responses to that message ("1 Begin" above):

Each response is presented in three columns - Category, Value, and Text

  • The Category column contains the category in which the contact's response has been placed according to the response rules assigned. As the image above indicates, any response containing 1yyesyes or ok is categorized as Yes.
  • The Value column contains the value collected by a response rule. If the incoming message reads "Yes I am," the value collected will be Yes because the response contained a value that matches one of the words we've specified using the has any of these words response rule. Otherwise, if a contact responds only with one of the words specified by the response rule (i.e. "Yes"), the value and text columns will contain the same value. 
  • The Text column contains the full, raw text of the response to the first message in the flow, i.e. "Yes I am."