To add additional users to your account, first navigate to your account's home page. Note: the only users who can see/edit/remove users are those with an "admin" account role. See below for more information on Account Roles.

Scroll to the bottom and click the "[Organization Name] has..." icon. 

Here, you can choose to manage account users via the 'Manage Accounts' button or, if you're using the Community Connect Surveyor app to collect information offline in the field, create a password that other Surveyor users can enter into the app to be able to submit responses to your account. Click the 'Manage Accounts' button. 

The 'Manage User Accounts' page is where you'll add, edit and remove additional users of various roles. To add a users, simply enter their email address and select the permission you'd like to give them.

Account Roles


Surveyors have no administrative privileges, nor can they access the account. They may only submit flow results via our offline flow-based data collection mobile app, Surveyor.


Viewers can see every aspect of the account, but may not modify anything. 


Editors can edit flows, campaigns, triggers and contacts; send messages; start flows; export flows, contacts and messages; and export/import flows. Editors cannot make changes to the account's home page, including managing account roles, changing language or timezone settings, and adding and removing channels. 


In addition to editing privileges, admins may make the above-mentioned changes to the account's home page.