It's common to want to provide your clients with additional information through website links sent over our platform -- but there are two issues with using regular links:

  • They are often long and not formatted to be friendly via text message
  • You don't know if your clients actually click on them (and find them useful)

We've built a feature called Trackable Links that allows you to send shortened links in your campaigns and track clicks by individual contacts to these links. We'll walk you through how to use this feature in your campaigns. 

1. Add the link you want to use in your campaign into our platform by clicking 'Trackable Links' in the navigation:

2. Click 'Create Trackable Link' to open a window, where you can add the name of the link (for your internal purposes) and the URL:

3. Repeat as many times as you need to provide external links. You can return to this page at any time to add more Trackable Links. 

4. Now you're ready to use Trackable Links in your campaigns. To do so, navigate to the Flows tab and select the Flow you want to add the Trackable Link to (or create a new Flow). 

5. Start the Flow by clicking the 'Organogram' Icon and select the 'Shorten Trackable Link' option. Select the Trackable Link using the Name field you chose when you set up the link, and save the result as a similar name:

Start your flow from the 'Success' side of the 'Shorten Trackable Link' option. You don't need to use the 'Failure' side. 

6. In the message in your Flow when you want to provide the Trackable Link, use the variable you created  (@flow.CCLMainPage for our example). That will replace the variable with the shortened version of the link you created previously. 

save image

7. Finish and send your campaign. 

8. Now that you've sent your campaign, return to 'Trackable Links' in the navigation and click on the link you used in your flow. You'll see the shortened version of the link that contacts see and the data about which contacts have linked the link.

Any more questions about using Trackable Links? Please contact your Community Connect Account Manager.