If you use Salesforce as your CRM tool, we provide an easy way to export Contacts and associated data collected on our platform and saved in Fields back to Salesforce. 

1. Overview

For most use cases, you'll Import your Contacts from Salesforce first, use our platform to communicate with your contacts through Flows and save data collected about them in Fields, and then use one of the two methods below to export that data back to Salesforce. 

We offer two ways of exporting your data:

  1. One-time Export of all Contacts and Fields
  2. Dynamic Export of data from specific data collected in a Flow 

We suggest building your flows using the Dynamic Export functionality if you're collecting data using our platform that you need to be updated in Salesforce continuously without manual intervention, or if you only want specific data to be exported back.  The One-time Export is useful for exporting data that only is needed in Salesforce at specific times or as a master backup of all Fields. If you have any questions about which approach is better for you, please contact your CCL Account Manager. 

Ready to go? If you've already imported your contacts from Salesforce, you can skip to Step 3 of this article. Otherwise start with Step 2 below. 


2. Connecting Your Salesforce Account

Log into your Community Connect Labs Account and click the name of your organization in the top right corner. Scroll down to the 'Connect Your Salesforce Account' option. 

Click 'Connect Salesforce Account', and then 'Link Salesforce Account', which will redirect you to the Salesforce login page. Login using your Salesforce credentials and complete all necessary verification steps. Once you've logged in, you'll be redirected back to the Community Connect platform.


3. One-time Export of all Contacts and Fields

This option will export all Contacts and Fields to Salesforce. You can also choose to only export Contacts and Fields from a specific Contact Group

To do so, navigate to your Contacts tab and click 'Export to Salesforce.' You can choose the specific Contact Group you want to export this information for.


4. Dynamic Export of data from specific fields collected in a Flow 

This option will let you export specific data collected during a Flow to Salesforce. The data must be associated with to Fields Imported from Salesforce in order to export it back to Salesforce. 

When you're building your Flow, answers to your questions should be saved as Flow responses (see the GIF below). 

At the end of the Flow, create an 'Export Data to Salesforce' ActionSet. You'll need to select:

  • The Field from Salesforce to export data to  
  • The Value collected during the Flow 

If you want to save this data to the Field in our platform as well, you'll need to use the Update Contact ActionSet in order to do so as well. We recommend this approach for data consistency. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact your CCL Account Manager.