Many clients use our system to receive images to intake information from the communities they serve. These could be photos of paystubs, proof of employment or address, or any other images. 

In this article, we'll walk you through how to receive images in a flow and then download those images for use. 

Receiving Images in a Flow

1. The first step is to send a message asking for the image that you need. Be descriptive so that you ensure you get the proper information in the image. 

Important: if you need multiple images, make sure you specify that the recipient only send one image per response.

2. After you've asked for your image, at the Wait for Response flow step that follows your request:

  • Save the result as 'Document'
  • Use the rule 'has an image' 

This will  check that the response contains an image file with an accepted file extension (PNG, JPEG, GIF) and automatically resize images larger than 1920px. This will accept the vast majority of photos taken via cell phone.

Important: This will only process and display one image per message. We recommend to provide instructions to only send one image per response if you need multiple images, and then use more Wait for Response rulesets to capture those responses as below. 

Downloading Images Received in a Flow

Now that you've received your images, you need to download them for future use. Here's how. 

1.  Access the Download Images option under Settings: 

2. Under the Flow Images page, you will see all the images sent to that flow in a thumbnail view. If you want to see the full size version, click on the image. The images are displayed with infinite scrolling, which means we display 50 images by default. If you want to see more, you need to scroll the page down to load more images. 

3.  You can select individual images to download using the checkboxes next to the name of the image:

Important:  If you click on the Select all items box, it will only check the images displayed. 

4.  If you want to download all the images, click on the Settings icon then select 'Download All Images'. After you click  the Download button, you will receive an email with the download link. The images are compressed in a single .zip file. Download the file and then, open and decompress it to access your images.

Important: download links expire at 2am every day. If your link expires, you can go through the above process again to send a new link.