A flow is a visual representation of a contact’s experience. A flow can be simple – as short as a single message.

– or complex – a series of messages and actions based on conditional branch logic. 

Passage through a flow from entrance to exit – and all activity that takes place in between – constitutes a run.

Create a Flow

To create a flow, navigate to the "flows" tab and click the "Create Flow" button.

The "Create Flow" dialogue will appear, where you can complete the following actions:

  1. Give the flow a name

  2. Assign keyword triggers

  3. Select the flow type

  4. Set the primary language (the language used to edit the flow)

Click “Create” once finished, and you’re ready to begin building your flow. The steps used to build a flow are called ActionSets. Test your flow using the simulator located on the right side of the flow editor.

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