Once a contact enters a flow, they interact directly with its steps, which are called ActionSets. To start building a flow, click “Create Message,” and an ActionSet will appear. By clicking the down arrow next to “Send the contact a message,” you can view the full list of actions available to you.

The actions available are as follows (click each link for a detailed explanation):

The ActionSet closest to the top of the page will be labeled the FLOW START. To add another action, click the blue plus sign.

ActionSets are executed in order from top to bottom. In the example below, the contact would (1) receive a message, (2) be added to the “Opted-In” group, and then (3) have their language set to English.

You can also create a connection from an existing ActionSet by dragging the red dot at the bottom of the action.

To change the order of actions within an ActionSet, hover over the action you wish to move to earlier in the sequence and click the up arrow.

To delete an action, hover over the action you wish to delete and click the “X” icon. The action will turn red and ask for confirmation. Click the “X” again to complete the deletion process.

Note: When building a flow, we recommend building down rather than sideways. The flow editor is designed to support a limited amount of horizontal movement but will support vertical movement indefinitely.

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