The “Send Broadcast” ActionSet allows you to send a message to another contact or contact group when the active contact in the flow reaches this point.

You can use “Send Broadcast” to:

  • alert others of a contact's progress in a flow

  • alert others of a contact's response to a question in a flow 

  • link the active contact with another contact or contact group, who will then be able to continue the conversation directly from their own phone(s)

The following is an example of a flow configured to forward a contact's feedback to your customer support team:

Here’s a breakdown of the flow above:

  1. The contact receives a “Send Message” ActionSet asking for feedback.

  2. The contact replies with their feedback (handled by the "Wait for Response" ActionSet). Their response will be saved as the variable

  3. The contact passes through a “Split by Contact Field” ActionSet that will determine whether or not the contact information includes a name. 

  4. If the current contact information does include a name, the contact proceeds directly to the final step of the flow.

  5. If the current contact information does not include a name, they will be directed to a branch of the flow that asks for their name and updates the contact with the name provided. The contact then proceeds to the final step of the flow (steps 6 and 7).

  6. The contact receives another message, and their interaction with the flow is complete.

  7. The “Send Broadcast” sends a message to the Customer Support contact group, informing them that a contact has given feedback. This message includes several key pieces of information:

    1. - the contact’s name

    2. @(format_time(now())) - the time when the contact submitted their feedback

    3. - the contact’s feedback provided in the first “Wait for Response”

    4. @contact.urn - the locally-formatted phone number of the active contact

The user’s experience is depicted in the flow simulator below. The user would receive the messages in grey. The user’s responses are in blue.

For more information on how to use variables, check out Introduction to Flow Variables.

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