Many of our partners use gift cards as an incentive to reward their clients for completing surveys. Our platform provides an easy way to upload eGift cards and deliver them after the completion of a survey via mobile messaging. We currently only support eGift cards that have unique codes for redemption. 

This article will walk you through how to upload a list of gift cards and then deliver them to your contacts. 

1. Prepare Your Spreadsheet

  • File Format: Gift card files must be .csv files 

  • Setup: Create columns with the following headers

    • eGiftNumber: the unique gift card code

    • URL: the URL where the gift card can be redeemed

    • ChallengeCode: the code required to verify the gift card

  • See the example below for sample formatting.

2. Create Your Gift Card Collection

If you haven’t done so already, create the flow that you will use to distribute gift cards. Within that flow, click on “Settings” and then “Import Database.” This will direct you to your Lookup Collections. Click “Gift Cards” in the upper right hand corner to be directed to your Gift Card Collections.

Enter a name for your new collection and click save. The name should reference the data in your spreadsheet, like "GNP GiftCards."

3. Upload Your Data

Now that you have created your collection, you can import your spreadsheet data. To do so, click “Import Data” next to your collection. Select your file and hit “Import.” You will receive an email once the spreadsheet has successfully uploaded.

4. Add Gift Card Rewards to Your Flow -- Call the Gift Card

Within your flow, create a “Call Giftcard” ActionSet. In the “Queries” box, select the appropriate gift card table. Leave “Assign Gift Card” selected.

We recommend leaving the Result Name simply as “Result.” This will save “200” as @results.result if the gift card call is successful and “404” if it is not, which you can use for debugging as necessary.

Now that you’ve created a “Call Giftcard” action, you can send gift card information to your users. In order to redeem a gift card, each user needs an unique gift card number, redemption URL, and challenge code. Use the following expressions to access these values:

  • @webhook.result.eGiftNumber

  • @webhook.result.URL

  • @webhook.result.ChallengeCode

*Check Status: How Many Gift Cards Are Left?

If you want to verify how many gift cards you have left, create a “Call Giftcard” ActionSet. In the “Queries” box, select the appropriate gift card table, and then select “Check Status” instead of “Assign Giftcard.”

Using the expression @webhook.result after this action will return the number of unused gift cards remaining.

You can use @webhook.result within a Split by Custom Expression at the beginning of your flow to verify that you still have gift cards available (see image below). In doing so, you can let the contact know that there are no gift cards left before they start the flow and give them the option to continue without the incentive.

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