You can assign keywords to a flow to allow your contacts to start a flow at their discretion, rather than manually sending the flow to them. Check out “Start & Exit a Flow” for more information on this distinction. 

To assign a keyword to a flow:

  1. Navigate to the "flows" tab and choose a flow.

  2. Select "Edit" from the gear icon in the top right portion of the flow editor.

  3. Add your keyword(s). Note that they are not case sensitive - “SCHOLARSHIP,” “Scholarship” and “scholarship” will be treated the same.

  4. Click “Save Changes.”

Note that a keyword is the first word in an incoming message. If a contact sends “Enroll scholarship” rather than “scholarship,” they will not trigger the flow.

Ignore Triggers

You can check the "Ignore keyword triggers" box to prevent your contacts from triggering other flows while active in the current flow. For example, if another flow on your account uses “BOOKS” as a keyword trigger, a contact in the current flow will exit the current flow and start the “BOOKS” flow if the “Ignore” box is not checked. When this box is checked, a contact can't enter a new flow if they send a keyword assigned to a different flow.

You can also create a message trigger that launches a flow through the “triggers” tab.

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