CommunityConnect allows you to set each of your contacts' language preferences. Once set, your contacts receive messages in their preferred language if you’ve created a multi-language flow and added translations. If a contact’s language is not set, they will receive messages in the primary language on your account.

There are three ways to set a contact’s language: via the contacts tab, using a flow ActionSet, or by including that information in a contact import.

Method 1: Contacts Tab

To set a contact's language preference via the "contacts" tab:  

  1. Navigate to the “contacts” tab and search for the desired contact.

  2. Click on the contact. Access the contact’s settings by clicking on the gear icon on the right, and then click “Edit.”

  3. Under "Language," select the contact’s preferred language. The dropdown menu will show the primary and secondary languages you’ve added to your account. Once you’ve selected a language, click "Save Changes."
    update contact's language

Method 2: “Set Language” action

You can achieve the same result at scale by creating a flow that contains the “Update Contact” action. Select “Language” as the value you want to update, and then select the desired language for the contact. All contacts who reach this flow step will have their preferred language updated.

Method 3: Contact Import 

If uploading contacts to your account via a spreadsheet, you can add a column titled 'Language' containing the ISO 639-2/B language code (e.g. ‘eng’ for English and 'spa' for Spanish) to set your contact's preferred languages. Note that all additional languages must first be added to your account.

Reference a Contact’s Language

To reference a contact’s set language in a flow, use the variable @contact.language. It will return the language in ISO 639-2/B standardized nomenclature (e.g. English becomes ‘eng’ and Spanish becomes ‘spa’).

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