We understand that some use cases require contact information to be handled with increased sensitivity. With this in mind, we added an anonymization feature that replaces each contact's name with a random code and removes any associated connections, such as their phone number or an ID associated with their Facebook, Telegram or Twitter accounts. You will still be able to communicate with these contacts but will no longer be able to view their connections. Each contact's UUID, groups, language preference and custom fields will still be accessible.

Note that ‘--’ is the default value displayed for empty custom contact fields. 

When the anonymization feature is enabled, each new contact profile, whether imported via a spreadsheet or generated when a new contact interacts with one of your channels, is anonymized. Exported contact and flow information will also be anonymized. 

Please contact us to enable this feature on your account.

If this feature is not sufficient to meet your data privacy and security needs, please contact us with any suggestions to improve this feature at support@communityconnectlabs.com  

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