CommunityConnect allows you to create labels and add them to messages on your account. This makes it easier to organize your messages and sort through them once they’ve been exported from the platform. You can label messages once they’ve been sent or received via the “messages” tab, as is explained below. You can also add a “label an incoming message” action to your flows so that the label is applied automatically when a contact moves through a flow.

To create and apply labels via the “messages” tab:

  1. Navigate to the "messages" tab.

  2. Check the boxes to the left of the messages you'd like to label.

  3. Click the "Add Label" icon that appears once messages are selected.add label icon

  4. Either create a new label or select a previously created label.existing message label

  5. If creating a new label, give your label a name and hit “Ok.”creating a new message label

  6. Once applied, a label will appear to the right of the message.

You can also create a label via clicking “Create Label” in the messages panel. 

Click on the label name under “LABELS” in the messages panel to see all messages to which a label has been applied. The number beside the label name indicates how many messages have been tagged with that label.

You can apply multiple labels to a single message by repeating the steps detailed above.

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