A campaign event represents an action that is performed at a time relative to a date/time value stored within a contact field. As such, a campaign event must define the contact field it's relative to, the offset to that field (the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks before or after the contact field value), as well as the action to perform (send a message or start a flow).

Create a Campaign Event

  1. Navigate to the campaigns tab, then click the campaign to which you'd like to add an event.

  1. Click on the "Add Event" box in the upper right corner.

  2. Select the action you'd like to assign to the event, either “Send a message” or  “Start a flow.” 

    1. If you select “Start a flow,” you will be prompted to choose which flow you would like to start. 

    2. If you choose “Send a message” and you've added additional secondary languages to your account, you can toggle through them to add translations to the message. In the example below, a Spanish translation is being added for those contacts who prefer to receive messages in Spanish.
      adding translation to event message

  3. Set the date and time at which you want your event to launch.

    1. Number of minutes, hours, days, weeks

    2. Before or after the contact field selected

    3. The contact field selected (must be a time & date type)

    4. The time at which the event will launch. 

      Note that if you select “during the same hour,” the event will launch during the same hour registered in the contact field. For example, if the user’s Registration Date was 28-01-2020 09:22, the event will launch between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

  4. Click “Ok,” and your campaign event will appear.

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