Use the “Add Label” action to label incoming messages handled by your workflow. Whereas sorting contacts into groups allows you to segment contacts based on their responses, labeling incoming messages allows you to isolate responses to a specific question. 

You can use an “Add Label” action to choose an existing label or create a new label to add to the active contact. To choose an existing label, start typing its name in the dialog box and then select it from the dropdown. To create a new label, simply type the name of the new label into the dialog box.

All message labels can be viewed - and also created - in the messages tab:

Example: Therapy Adherence Study

Let's say you're running a therapy adherence study in which participants are asked to indicate how they're feeling each day - healthy or ill. Adding an ”Add Label” action after the "Wait for Message" action pictured below allows you to filter responses that pass through a particular category. 

In this example, we place an ”Add Label” action in a branch that stems from the "Ill" category. Accordingly, only responses that are registered as "Ill" will be labeled. You can then view these messages by navigating to the messages tab and click the "Feeling Ill" label.

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