Once you've set your account's primary and secondary languages, you can edit your flows to switch between multiple languages depending on your contacts' language preferences. You can create multi-language flows by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the flows tab and create a flow. In the upper right corner of your flow, you can view which languages are set up on your account. You will be able to switch between languages by clicking the blue text here. The default language of your flow will be your account’s primary language.

  2. Create the flow as you normally would.

  3. Once you've finished designing your flow in the default language, click the secondary language you want to add. Each "Send Message" and “Wait for Response” flow action will turn yellow, indicating that they haven’t been translated.

  4. Click each “Send Message” flow action to add a translation.
    Note: Do not translate variables like @contact.first_name. They will be replaced by their corresponding values when the message is sent.

  5. Click each “Wait for Message” flow action to add translations for anticipated responses.

  6. In some cases, it is necessary to split the flow based on language, for instance, if you are sending language-specific graphics. Create a “Split by Contact Field” and select the contact’s “Language” as the field. In the split options, list all of the languages set up on your account.

    While still editing in the default language, add a “Send Message” flow action to each node on the split. Enter the same text into each flow action in the default language. Then, while still editing in the default language, add the language-specific Image URL to the appropriate message.

    After completing this step, you should have a “Send Message” flow action under each node on the split by language. Click the secondary language you want to add and input translations into the appropriate flow action.

Translated flow actions will appear white once translated in the selected language. Contacts will receive messages according to the language preference that appears in their contact profiles.

 If your flow is missing translations, contacts will receive messages in the default language.