The CommunityConnect Labs platform lets you view, label, search and archive messages sent and received on your account. You can also track calls received on your channel. Click the “messages” icon at the top of the platform to navigate to this section.

Messages represent the incoming and outgoing interactions between your CommunityConnect account and your contacts on the platform. Messages sent and received offline via the Surveyor application will be stored in the messages tab as well. For more information, check out Introduction to Surveyor.

All messages sent to and from the channel(s) connected to your CommunityConnect account are stored in the messages tab, where they are organized into preset folders displayed on the left side of the page. 

messages page

  • Inbox -- All incoming messages that haven't triggered or been received by a flow. Messages in this folder are sent by contacts that aren't active in a flow.

  • Flows -- All incoming messages received by contacts active in your flows. Messages in this folder are sent by contacts who are active in flows at the time the messages are sent.

  • Archived -- Messages removed from your inbox. Messages from your "Inbox" folder must be placed in the "Archived" folder before they can be deleted. Archived messages can be returned to their original folder at any time.

  • Outbox -- Pending messages that may build up when sending a large broadcast. Once a message is sent, it moves from the "Outbox" folder to the "Sent" folder.

  • Sent -- Messages sent from your account to contacts on your account. You are provided with the message recipient, the text of the message, and the date on which it was sent. 

  • Calls -- Calls made to and from the channel connected to your CommunityConnect account. You are provided the date, direction, and duration of each call.

  • Schedules -- Messages that have been scheduled to be sent in the future or on a recurring schedule. Navigate to this folder to view or edit scheduled messages.

  • Failed -- Outgoing messages that were sent but not received by the contact. Click the paper icon to access the error log for each message.

Message Statuses

Each message is assigned a status represented by one of the following icons:

  •  The delivered icon denotes a delivered message and is followed by the text of the message.

  •   The sent icon denotes a message that has been sent but hasn't returned a delivery receipt. Some carriers and channels do not provide delivery receipts. These messages should be considered delivered unless they are present within the "Outbox" folder in the messages tab.

  •  The contact icon denotes a message received from a contact and is followed by the text of that message.

  •  The broadcast icon denotes a message broadcast and is followed by the number of contacts targeted by the message as well as its contents.

  •  The caution icon denotes a message that has failed to send and is followed by the text of the message.

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