Use the ”Start Somebody Else in a Flow” action to place a separate contact or group in a flow when the contact active in the current flow reaches this step.

In the example below, we start fathers - referenced using the contact variable @contact.fields.spouse - in the "Questions for Dads" flow when the expecting mothers reach the second step of the "Registration" flow.

Example: Create a New Contact

The ”Start Somebody Else in a Flow” action can also be used to create a new contact in the flow that it starts.

In the “Register Patient” example flow below, contacts are asked to submit the names and phone numbers of the patients they are registering. Once that information is collected, the ”Start Somebody Else in a Flow” action triggers a new flow called “Create New Patient.” This new flow will create a contact whose default fields, Name and Phone, are populated using an Update a Contact Field action with the flow variables ( & collected in the previous flow, Register Patient.

The first flow collects the patient's information, while the second flow creates a contact profile for the patient.

Register Patient

The name and phone number of the new contact are collected, then the new contact's phone number is used to start them in the "Create Contact" flow.

Create New Patient

Once the new contact starts the "Create Contact" flow, they are added to the contacts tab via an Update the Contact action.

To update their profile to include their full name, we use an Update the Contact action to place the name collected in the previous flow (referenced using the variable) in the new contact's Full Name field. 

For more information on how to use parent/child variables, check out the Variable Reference List.

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