Community Connect does not collect any data on our users and your clients beyond that which is specifically asked as a question via our tools. We associate this data with the cellphone number used to contact the user. All data collected in this way is visible in our contacts view and can be deleted or exported by you.

Community Connect stores all data that is uploaded by you to our platform, which may include and is not limited to phone numbers, client names, or other custom information. This data is available in our contacts view and can always be deleted or exported by you.

Community Connect collects nonprofit submitted account information, including email addresses,  which we use to authenticate nonprofit accounts and send notifications related to the use of our service. Community Connect also collects nonprofit submitted organization-level data (location, funding information, organization size,  organization type) to help direct you to the right product or service.

We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. We do not, however, sell, rent or trade our volunteer, administrator, nonprofit, or general newsletter email addresses to outside parties.

Cookies are tiny data files that Web sites commonly write to your hard drive when you visit them so that they can remember you when you visit. A cookie file contains information that can identify you anonymously and maintain your account's privacy. Our site uses cookies to maintain a user's identity between sessions so that the site can be personalized based on user preferences or a user's history.