A frequent request from our partners is to ensure that they've allowed their clients to opt-in or out of text messaging before starting campaigns.  

We've built Opt-In functionality and a sample Opt-in Flow to make this simple.

Opt-in is the first step you should take when starting your first campaign with clients. Even if you have received verbal or written opt-in from the client, it's a good practice to remind them you'll be sending messages in the future and allow them to opt-out if they are no longer interested. 

Setting Up Your Sample Opt-In Flow

We've provided a sample opt-in flow, which you'll need to modify to fit your organization and campaign. To do so.

1. Navigate to the 'Flows' tab and Click 'Sample Opt-In Flow'. You'll see the following flow: 

save image

2. Update the first message to match your campaign needs and organizational voice. Keep the 'MSG&DataRatesMayApply' and 'Reply Y Yes N No' messaging. 

Uploading Your Contacts

1. Create a New Contact Group for the clients who you want to receive this message and Add Contacts to the Group.

The Sample Opt-In Flow will separate your clients into three groups based on their responses:

  1. Clients who don't respond will stay in the original contact group, so you can contact them again to ask for their opt-in. 
  2. Clients who Opt-in will be added to the 'Opted-In' group and removed from the original contact group. 
  3. Clients who Opt-out will be added to the 'Opted-Out' group and removed from the original contact group. 

Sending Your Opt-In Message

1. Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab and click on 'Invite Participants' on the left side.

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2. Select the Contact Group you created and select the 'Sample Opt-In Flow' as the flow you want to send. You'll see an 'Invite' button on the right side.

3. Click 'Invite' for each contact to send the Opt-In Flow. You're required to click 'Invite' for each contact to comply with U.S. laws regarding text-messaging opt-in. While this isn't strictly necessary if you have already gotten an affirmative opt-in through other means, we've built our platform to always remain in compliance. 

Note: this is not legal advice.

Viewing Opt-In Results

1. When you navigate to the 'Contacts' tab, you'll see new Groups called 'Opted-In' and 'Opted-Out'. Each group will contain the contacts who have finished the Opt-in flow and selected that particular option.

2. All contacts will have a 'Opt In' value of Y or N based on their response. 

3. Contacts that did not finish the flow will still be in the original contact group.