Sometimes users who have received a survey or other campaign on our platform don't respond -- maybe the text didn't come at a good time. We've created an example flow to help you send a reminder to users who don't answer the first message of your campaign.

This is particuarly useful for:

  • Reminding users who have not given you Opt-In Consent
  • Reminding users who have not confirmed their attendance at an event or appointment

Non-Responder Functionality

We've built an example flow (shown below and attached to this article) with the following functionality:

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1. Users who start the flow are added to the DemographcNoReply group (we're using the example of a demographic survey)

2. Users who respond to the first Net Promoter Score question are removed from the DemographicNoReply group. 

We segment on the first question because that's where we see the most drop-off in terms of responses.

3. When you start the flow,  the flow will now check to see if there are any contacts who haven't responded to the first question and send them the message: "This is a gentle reminder to take our survey."

4. Users who complete the flow are added to the 'DemographicComplete' group (you can't see this in the screenshot). This allows you to easily segment your contacts by group to see those who have finished the survey and those who have not. 

5. You can use our functionality to Start a Flow and Send to a Selected Group to conduct additional communication to your non-responders if necessary.

If you have further questions about modifying this workflow, please contact your Community Connect Account Manager.