To edit when a campaign event is launched, to select a different flow, or to switch from sending a message to starting a flow and vice versa:

  1. Navigate to the "campaigns" page and click on the campaign that contains the event that you want to edit.

  1. Click on the grey-shaded "Due Date" box for the event that you want to edit. Note that you can also access the contact group and flow associated with an event from this page by clicking on the blue, hyperlinked text.

  1. Click on the "Edit" box in the upper, right of the page.

  1. Using the drop-down menus on the Update Event box, you can change:

    1. From “Send a Message” to “Start a Flow” and vice versa

    2. The text or flow you want to send

    3. The launch day and time
      updating an event

  1. Click "Save Changes."

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