Use the “Enter Another Flow” action to move your contacts from one flow to another from within a flow. Once a contact passes through this step, they will be removed temporarily from the current flow and start another. Once they complete the other flow, the contact will return to the first flow.

In the example below, we're directing students eligible to apply for the training program from the "Training Program Eligibility Check" flow to a different flow titled "Training Program Eligibility | Enrolment Module" where we discuss the application process.

Parent Variables

When a ”Enter Another Flow” action is used, all flow variables created up to that point continue to be accessible in the next flow as ‘parent’ variables. Within the 'child' flow (the new flow), variables collected in the ‘parent’ flow (the initial flow) are referenced using the @parent prefix.

For example, if you collect a contact's Age (@results.age) and Location (@results.location) in FLOW A, then use the “Enter Another Flow” action to place that contact in a new flow, FLOW B, you can reference those previously collected flow variables by calling @parent.results.age and @parent.results.location:

Note that @parent variables are only capable of referencing values from a previous flow when a contact starts a flow through either a Enter Another Flow, Send a Broadcast, or Start Somebody Else in a Flow actions. For more information on how to use parent/child variables, check out the Variable Reference List.

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